The Dwightmare

So there have been a lot of rumors and talks going around the league about what the Lakers are going to do with Dwight Howard. Obviously he wasn’t going to be traded yesterday especially after what Mitch Kupchak said about him. I can’t honestly give an opinion on how Dwight will affect the Lakers down the road, I mean he’s Dwight Howard I’d like to say he’s going to bring great things but after watching him this season I can’t give a definite answer. All I know is the Dwight will be staying for the long run even after Kobe Bryant is gone. He may be throwing out the signs of hey I don’t want this Laker team that Kobe and others are trying to pass down to him but I get the sense that Dwight will be staying in Lakerland. The main changes I can see happening in the offseason is the firing of Mike D’Antoni and possibly the trading of Pau Gasol. This team is old and needs to get younger; I can see some big changes coming to the Lakers next year. If Dwight is healthy and he can get along with Kobe, watch out NBA because the Lakers will be a coming!


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