Derrick who?


So I’m going to be honest here I’m a bit of a Bulls fan and I try my best to be as bias as possible, but this is one subject that extremely bothers me. Who is Derrick Rose? I was at a Bucks versus Bulls game in Milwaukee and D Rose made a buzzer beating shot to give the Bulls a win. The BMO Harris Bradley Center exploded with people chanting “MVP! MVP! MVP!”. Sadly these dreams were set aside when Derrick Rose went down in the playoffs. Bulls’ nation went silent and then their dreams came crashing down on them.

So the new season starts and as we predicted Derrick Rose is not back playing, but rumors are out here and there that Bulls fans can expect to see Derrick Rose back after the All-Star Break. Well that time has come and gone. It still feels like we won’t be seeing Derrick Rose this year. Now here’s where my emotions kick in, why do you keep taunting us Derrick!? We can watch your workouts, we can see you practice, we can watch you slam some dunks before game, and we can see what looks like you playing healthy. Why are you not out on the court playing with your team? You know your team has to be questioning your health when you’re out doing what you’re doing. Don’t separate yourself from your team, that how your career gets hurt, look at what people are saying about Carmelo Anthony.

Reggie Rose what’s your deal? Look at what talent was being traded; I wouldn’t have wanted any of the talent that was being passed around during the trade deadline. Bulls, cheap? Right look at Rose’s teammates contracts. That is a lot of money being dished out for a team that revolves around Derrick Rose. Don’t complain about getting more players, you should be more concerned with your Brothers/clients health. What is the deal with family members and agents saying stupid things to the news and public, look back at what Jermichael Finley’s agent talking about Aaron Rodger’s leadership. Look, don’t ruin your family member or clients’ reputation with your peanut gallery comments.

So enough Derrick, stop teasing you fellow Bulls fans. You can’t say you’re nowhere near ready to play when your fans and fellow teammate’s are seeing what you’re doing. In the end, I can’t see Derrick Rose coming back this year. After everything that’s been said, Derrick you might as well stay in the locker room this year.


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