Kansas City finally gets a Quarterback

ImageDuring the off-season I was very excited to watch the AFC West. Matt Cassel was back with the Chiefs, and I was hoping he would be a threat to opposing defenses, especially with his new coach. I also enjoy watching Carson Palmer play and with a whole off-season to practice with his new team I was expecting the Raiders to have a killer offense. The same goes for the Chargers I thought for sure they’d get out of the hole they found themselves in over the past few years. The most exciting part was Peyton Manning going to the Denver Broncos, pushing Tebowmania to the side. I was hoping this would be the greatest division to watch in the NFL and boy was I wrong.

This is great news for this division, I love the direction the Kansas City Chiefs are going, but it’s hard to get my hopes up after last year. Andy Reid’s Eagles looked as bad as the  dumpster  fire circus that was happening in New York. Alex Smith sat on the bench for most of the season and let’s face it the front office at Kansas City has us questioning every move they make. I’m sadly feeling that the Chiefs will be a team that gets into the Wild Card next year, but that’s as far as they get.

This is also a great trade for San Fransisco’s former quarterback Alex Smith. Poor Alex Smith, I actually felt bad for him last year, it’s awful to lose your job due to an injury. Hopefully this time Alex can last longer then one and a half seasons with the same coaching staff.

Alex had a QB Rating of 104.1 last year, 13 TDs, and 1,737 passing yards last year. With QB guru Andy Reid at his side the NFL better watch out for Alex Smith. We all remember what happened last time the 49ers traded a quarterback to the Chiefs.

Good Luck Alex Smith and Andy Reid.


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