Going out to watch sports


So this is going to be a short post but who here likes to go out to eat to watch sporting event? I was in Milwaukee, WI working last week and I was all done packing for my plane ride back home on Sunday. A friend of mine in the area called me up and asked if I wanted to go out to a Buffalo Wild Wings to gets some food and enjoy the Bulls game, I politely agreed. We met up a couple hours later and got the luxury of being able to watch the finish to the Duke and Miami game.

I just want to quickly say, take that those who sent me emails or comments on my NCAA blog post last week. Don’t under estimate Duke, sure it was close but there was no doubt in my mind that Miami would be able to beat Duke.

Anyway back to my story, my friend and I get seated in the bar and waited around the NBA games to come up on the screens. Now you’d think a business that advertises watch all your NBA game at our facility would have the games on, on time. Don’t get me wrong I love NCAA Basketball but I was there to enjoy a good NBA game. So I went and asked an employee if they’d be able to play the Bucks game and the Bulls game which they gladly obliged.

So this is what bothers me, because my friend and I are the only Bulls fan in the building there’s only one television in the entire bar. Some punk young guy comes in and sits facing the television airing our Bulls game. When his server arrives je starts complaining about the Bulls game being on that television and pretty much demands that the television be changed to Indiana and unranked Iowa. Now my friend and I are pretty obviously watching that television, hell my buddy had a Derrick Rose jersey on. There were even two to three other groups in the bar watching the Bulls game, it should be fairly obvious people are watching it. You’re really more interested in watching No. 1 Indiana play an unranked team? Turn around dude there’s a television playing your game behind you. Also I’ll have you know that game wasn’t even that entertaining, Indiana never lost the lead! Again I’m a NCAA fan but I don’t watch pointless games, Iowa didn’t stand a chance that game. That’s all I’m done venting.


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