A Quick Look at the Packers Off-Season


Now just so everyone knows, for future reference I’m a Green Bay Packers fan though I will do my best to be as unbiased as I possibly can be. I was not looking forward to the Packers off-season at all this year. First off they had four running backs, Starks, Green, Grant, and Harris. Not I was extremely happy when they got Ryan Grant back, I’m sure there aren’t too many fans of his out there in Packer nation. I got a chance to meet Ryan Grant and he was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and I think he’s a great trucking running back. I also still have high hopes for Alex Green and his crazy speed, he’s very athletic and one of the fastest running backs I saw in Hawai’i. I was afraid they’d end up cutting one of those two, though I’m hoping the only running back who’ll be leaving will be James Starks. I’m still not to sure what they’re going to do with Cedric Benson.


Now I was certain that Charles Woodson would be leaving this year, sadly he’d have a big impact on the amount of money the Green Bay Packers would be able to pay out to other upcoming contract extensions. I was really hoping that the Packers would’ve found a way to keep Greg Jennings, though I’m starting to feel better about it. The Packers have great depth at the wide receiver position with my new found hero Randall Cobb. If Jordy Nelson can stay healthy he’s also a big impact player for the Packers. Lastly James Jones was finally able to show his potential, I’ve had big hopes for him after his amazing one-handed end zone catch during the Atlanta Playoff game during the Packers Super Bowl run.

It turns out, according to a source that told FOX Sports, the Packers did not franchise tag Greg Jennings. Jennings is considered one of the top wideouts set to hit the market when the free-agent signing period begins March 12. No matter where Greg Jennings goes I’m sure he’ll do great.


The last question is what about Jermichael Finley and him refusing to take a pay cut? Now I think Finley is an ok tight end and probably the best one on the Packers roster unless they find a hidden gem in this awful draft. I just hope Jermichael “Pass Dropper” Finely is able to play at the skill level he had in the 2011 season.

Who knows but the Packer are going to be my favorite to win the Super Bowl this year. Like First Take’s Stephen A. Smith always says, “Aaron Rodgers is a baaaad man!”


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