Manchester United Robbed! “The best team lost”


Man oh man am I mad. I’m not the biggest fan of soccer, or football to the rest of the world, but I do love to watch Manchester United when I get a chance to. Now I owe a co-worker lunch because my team got the lost handed to them by the referee. Manchester United was eliminated from the Champions League by Real Madrid with a 2-1 win at Old Trafford. Random fun fact, sadly my dentist is a Real Madrid fan. Manchester United led 1-0 after an own goal by Sergio Ramos. Then Turkish referee Cuynet Cakir sent off Nani for a ridiculous studs-high challenge. From this point forward it was all downhill for Manchester United.


That red card opened the door for goals from Luka Modric and Cristiano Ronaldo, which left Manchester United shorthanded and thus eliminated from the tournament. As Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho confessed afterward: “The best team lost.”




4 thoughts on “Manchester United Robbed! “The best team lost”

    • I fully agree, it’s good to see a coach acknowledge the mistakes of others and make genuine comments like that. I wish coaches in other leagues and associations were this classy.
      I wish they played more NCAA Div I soccer games on tv. Maybe they do and I just don’t have the provider who shows NCAA Soccer. I hope you can get a chance at a soccer career, keep on playing and thanks for the comment.

      • I mean, I know it costs a considerable amount of cash to buy the rights and air Champs League or EPL games. But c’mon… 2nd leg of United Vs. Real in one of the most crucial matches of the year… And ESPN doesn’t play it? Seems as though footy will never get the respect it should here in the states.

        As for college ball, yeah they air some of the bigger games randomly. Of course, that’s when they decide that replaying the same hour of SportsCenter news back-to-back is finally unwatchable. Generally, it’s just the later parts of the tournament that get played.

        Thanks for the encouragement and stopping by my blog. Hopefully ya like zombies/apocalypse stories!

  1. FOX Sports aired the game I believe, all I know is that I watched it late. I got BBC through my computer, but I was too busy to watch it live and instead had to watch the game on FOX Soccer 2Go. I’m very surprised this game didn’t draw enough U.S. attention that no one aired it, as far as I know

    Also I do enjoy your story, I’m a recent fan of The Walking Dead and crammed in season 1 and 2 in the amtter of a week and I’ve benen watching season 3. It’s a great show.

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