Michael Vick Turning a New Leaf?


It wasn’t too long ago that Atlanta’s quarterback found himself in jail for illegal dog fighting. Michael Vick was sentenced to jail and when he got out Philadelphia’s quarterback guru Andy Reid offered him a second chance that he didn’t take lightly. Michael Vick put in a lot of good work and ended taking the starting position for the Eagles.

Now I’m not a big fan of Michael Vick but I’d like to think he’s trying his best to change the public opinion of himself. Last year Michael Vick was rated as one of the most hated players in the NFL and was also one of the most hated people in the U.S.. Now it could be because of his cockiness and because of how rude and ignorant he was in the past. Though now he’s decided to sign his family and himself up for dog training classes. It’s been reported that Vick is a regular at the Pet Smart and has signed up for six training sessions on Monday evenings. This will be his second week of dog training with Angel, a Belgian Malinois, his owners and a bodyguard. Is this the first of many good things to come from Michael Vick?


4 thoughts on “Michael Vick Turning a New Leaf?

    • I fully agree, Michael Vick was pretty awful last year and I’m hoping Chip Kelly can do something with this team. I’m not sure a new coach is enough to help this team and I have little faith in its two quarterbacks, though that’s mostly bias opinion based off last year. I think Vick is a good compliment to Chip Kelly’s college system, though we still don’t know for certain if that’s the same system he’s going to use in the NFL.

      • The only thing we can be sure of is that he will likely hase his offense around his 2 super talented RB (LeSean McCoy and Bryce Brown). Probably a 70-30 split in carries favoring McCoy, but those two will both be in the backfield alot at the same time so we can see both producing startable fantasy stats. Vick is too big of a question mark to make your starting QB.

      • Once again I could not agree with you more, use of the running back sthis year needs to happen. The dust needs to be blown off of these prized players that got put on the shelf last year. I can not express how upset I was to have McCoy on my fantasy team and have him producing so little. I’m really interested in seeing the direction Chip Kelly will go, is he perhaps hoping to get a quarterback in the draft or off free agency next year or will he keep faith in what he has now, because it seems he’s set on using Vick and Foles this year.

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