The Heat Shake it Up


So has anyone seen this video yet!? This video is fantastic, the best part hands down is the horse-headed astronaut. Now onto the sports portion of this post. I wanted to talk about this video because I’m hoping it will come down a lot of the Miami Heat haters out there. Now I know that about 80% of you out there only dislike the Heat because Lebron James plays for them, and all I want to ask is why? The man is fun loving and very much still a kid on the inside, I love it. All you haters out there just simply need to get over it. If anything this video shows how much fun and likable the Heat players are and should be. Miami is also my pick to win the Championship this year and Lebron is hands down the MVP these year. So before you jump on the haters bandwagon, you might want to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

That is all, now check out this video on YouTube, you’ll love it, even if you’re a Harlem Shake hater. All I care about is now we can stop doing the Gangnam \Style and now being a fellow white guy I finally have a dance I can look half ridiculous doing.


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