Richard Sherman Continues to Improve His Stats…as a Trash Talker


Richard Sherman, shut your mouth. Now I know that Skip Bayless certainly comes off as all those things that Sherman spewed out of his crater sized mouth but that’s why we watch Skip Bayless. Skip’s the Kim Kardashian of ESPN. Also when you choose to go on First Take or get interviewed on TV in general don’t you think you’d want to improve your public appearence or talk about uhhhh you, that’s kind of the point of an interview is it not? I mean watching the rant you could even tell Stephan A. Smith was starting to get bothered by the comments, even though I’m sure he slightly enjoyed it as well. I think Sherman may have moved up my list as the most annoying and hated player in the NFL. Honestly I don’t care that you made First Team All-Pro in two years.

Here’s what I think of Richard Sherman, and I’m going to use his own words.

“I’m intelligent enough and capable enough to understand that you are ignorant, pompous, egotistical, and cretin.” Shut your mouth Richard Sherman and just play the sport, you’re embaressing to listen to. If you don’t watch what you say or what you tweet you’ll end up like TO and Chad Johnson.


2 thoughts on “Richard Sherman Continues to Improve His Stats…as a Trash Talker

  1. Totally agree with this blog. What people don’t understand is that Sherman just embarrassed himself and the Seahawks organization. Instead of trash talking, he could had talked about his charity at the end of the interview without acting like an idiot. Now I’m pretty sure he will get a phone call from the Seahawks organization for him to apologize. He has to remember that Skip behaves like that for ratings which Sherman just gave him.

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