I’ve Seen That Commercial Before


So did anyone see that commercial of Derrick Rose working out getting ready for the NBA season? Well now we get to see Adidas’s commercial for RG3, maybe he’ll make a smoke and mirror YouTube series as well. I really enjoyed watching RG3 last year and I cringed and maybe cried a bit when I saw him go down in the playoff game. I’m more of a Russell Wilson fan, whom I still think was the best quarterback to come out of the draft for the long run. I fear the RG3 was just a flash in the pan and because of his injury he may not be around long and Luck reminds me too much of gunslinger Brett Favre, he had as many INTs as he had TDs.

Washington Redskins coach crazy Mike Shanahan said Monday that Griffin’s muscles are stronger than expected at this stage in the quarterback’s recovery from the January surgery to repair two ligaments in the right knee. Griffin is working out at Redskins Park twice a day for a combined six to seven hours. Shanahan also was quoted saying he has ”no idea” if Griffin will be ready for Week 1 of the regular season, but adds, ”If work has anything to do with it, he probably will.”

So it’s pretty obvious that he hasn’t seen RG3’s commercial.


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