Those Silly Vikings


The Vikings did something silly again and now their only star player isn’t pleased. I used to say Minnesota, where NFL Careers go to die, Brett Favre and McNabb are prime examples. Now it sound like Minnesota, a team blind sided by stupidity. So why did they trade Percy Harvin, that’s by far the most foolish thing I’ve ever heard, I’m still pondering why Ponder is starting or why the Vikings went so high to get him.

Hours following Jay Glazer’s report about the Vikings trading Percy Harvin to the Seahawks for multiple draft picks, Minnesota’s franchise player showed his displeasure with some pleasant comments on Twitter.

The best all around player I ever seen or you’ll ever see! Goes to Seattle! I feel like I just got kicked in the stomach. Several times!!!

— Adrian Peterson (@AdrianPeterson)

What will those silly Vikings do next?


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