My Issue With Aaron Rodgers


First off I’d like to apologize for me not posting any new posts in like four days but I’m back baby. So I bet you’re wondering what my beef is with Aaron Rodgers? Well I’ll tell you.

Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL today. His career QB Rating is 104.9, he’s thrown for 21,661 yards, and has 171 TDs. This guy is the definition of amazing and as Stephen A. Smith would say a Baaaaad Man. Now enough complimenting this guy, my issue with Aaron Rodgers is his sudden burst of ego, perhaps he has Super Bowl fever still. It seems to me that Aaron thinks he’s too good for the short pass and would rather go for the deep ball. I was so sick of watching FOX show wide open receivers only 5 yards or so down the field while Aaron Rodgers danced around in the back field. He ran around and stood there confused as if he had no one to throw to, I’d start yelling at my TV “He’s right there Aaron!”. Knock it off Rodgers, if the guys open throw the ball I’m sick of seeing you on the ground.

I don’t want to hear anything about well he has no receivers, please tell me you’re joking. Randall Cobb is probably the best receiver in the league. James Jones is one of the most clutch players I’ve seen, since he had to step up his game with Jennings out. Jordy Nelson is also one of the greatest deep threats I’ve seen, because of how physical and tall he is. I don’t want to hear anything about receivers. The O-Line may need some work but Rodgers still had time to throw those short passes, so I really hope he comes down to Earth next year and starts playing smart instead of playing with an ego.


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