March Madness: Midwest Predictions


Now I chose No.1 Louisville as my favorite to win the Midwest. Their only challenge leading up to the Elite Eight is Saint Louis, and I don’t think Saint Louis has the strength to stop Louisville. They’re hot right now and could easily steam roll through the first two rounds.

I hope no one is thinking Duke is out!? But you said they’d…well I spoke to soon. Duke has looked like a mess during the tournament and during the end of the regular season. Michigan State runs a very unique play style and I don’t think what Duke is now can take this strong Big 10 team.

Now the regional final game is really up for debate, I think Michigan State could knock off Louisville; I actually have two brackets with this as my second choice. I feel like Louisville beating Michigan State is more likely with Louisville moving on to the Final Four.

The Upset: I know the Memphis should have “WE’RE GOING TO LOSE!” written all over them but I just can’t see them losing in the first round. I do have Oregon upsetting Oklahoma City. Oregon is close to whom and are not only under-seeded but also will most likely be under estimated. Oregon will have the win, but they shouldn’t be looking to advance any farther. They’re simply making it easier for Saint Louis.


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