March Madness: South Predictions


Now I chose No.1 Kansas as my favorite to win the South. The south is pretty strong this year and it was extremely hard for me to make my picks. I could’ve gone with Florida, VCU, or Georgetown going to the final four as well. Now Michigan is No. 4 and I really had high hopes for them earlier on in the season, like Duke. Though Michigan lost to Wisconsin in the Big 10 Tournament and they’re in a tough region this year and it’ll be difficult for them to win, I have them being upset by South Dakota, though I wouldn’t be surprised if this went the other way, but my grave’s been dug so no point in going back. Kansas could also easily lose to VCU or Florida this’ll be an interesting region to watch.

Georgetown is also a great team this year and I’m glad to see them at No. 2 but like Michigan I just don’t think they’re able to put up a good challenge against the other teams in the South.

The Upset: South Dakota State beating Michigan, I believe I accidentally stated this above, oh well.


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