March Madness: West Predictions


Now I chose No.5 Wisconsin as my favorite to win the West. The West, in my opinion is the weakest region in the bracket. Now I know Gonzaga is No. 1 but Wisconsin is not as weak as people like to say they are. Wisconsin beat Ohio State, Michigan, and Indiana all teams in my opinion are much better than Gonzaga. Wisconsin is also great at a home or neutral court. Also Wisconsin always puts up a good fight against Ohio State and I’m not sure they’ll let Ohio State beat them again, they’re 1-1 in the regular season and lost in the Big 10 tournament. The only other adaptation I can see is Ohio State beating Wisconsin and then Ohio State beating Gonzaga, so once again Gonzaga is left in the dust.

New Mexico is good and they’ve been on a good run here at the end of the season but so has Ohio State. Ohio State is just a stronger team and a better scoring team compared to New Mexico, though Ohio States passing isn’t that great in my opinion.

The Upset: The Wildcats didn’t lose to anybody outside the top 50 this season; both Boise State and La Salle are in the top 50. This could be a problem to the Wildcats. Notre Dame and Iowa State meet for the right to lose by 15 to Ohio State, but at least they’ll probably combine to play a fun game. The Cyclones have no problems pushing the pace when the opportunity allows; it’ll be curious to see if Notre Dame provides those opportunities.


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