March Madness: East Predictions


Now I chose No.2 Miami (FL) as my favorite to win the East. The East, like the South, is pretty strong this year and it was just as extremely hard for me to make my picks. Though to me my choice came down to two difficult choices either Indiana or Miami. It always came down to these two in my choices, and I decided to go with Miami. I still think Indiana may have one of the best chances at winning the tournament, but I just can’t trust them against the top 5 seeded teams in the region, Indiana just seems to find a way to lose. I don’t have much to say about the East except that all my early predictions just don’t look like the teams I thought they were.

The Upset: Butler will have a tough time facing their doppelganger in the first round, Bucknell. Bucknell is my Cinderella team this year and they could make it pretty far, if they can get past Marquette, which is possible as Marquette didn’t look so good at the end of the year either.


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