March Madness: Upset Madness


So I’m pretty sure that people who viewed my bracket were like wow, this guy’s bracket is pretty screwed right now. Yea my West looks like garbage. Wisconsin lost so I can pretty much throw my bracket away, even though I had them losing to Louisville in the Final Four.

Ole Miss beating Wisconsin: Ok so I’m not sure if I was the only one who was expecting this Wisconsin team to go far or not, I also may have been bias in my choice made here as I cannot stand Ole Miss’s Henderson, they kid drives me nuts. He’s extremely imature and overly cocky for having one of the worst shooting stats I’ve seen in a while. This team actually does better with this guy on the bench.

La Salle beating Kansas State: Now I did have La Salle knocking off Kansas State and that was simply because Kansas State was awful or looked awful all year against Top 50 teams and La Salle is part of that group.

Wichita State: I knew this team would be Pittsburgh. Wichita State is often under seeded because of the way the end the regular season; they don’t always look that great. It also doesn’t help Pittsburgh that they just don’t seem to have the stamina to keep up with fast paced team. Pitt is also one of the most fouled teams; I’m surprised none of these players fouled out. Now I like Wichita State but I did not expect them to upset Gonzaga before the tourney. After watching Gonzaga suck it up against Southern U my opinion changed, I knew Gonzaga wasn’t going to make it far they just got lucky to be ranked No. 1.

Oregon: Everything I applied to Wichita applies to Oregon. OSU was so over hyped that everyone bought into them. Oregon was under seeded as well and I watched them several times over the season. This team is much stronger than they were seeded. Much like Wichita though I did not expect them to make it out of the 3rd round, especially against Saint Louis.

Harvard beating New Mexico: Maybe I bought into New Mexico like everyone else, or maybe they just got caught off guard, I really am baffled by this and have nothing to say.

California beating UNLV: Of course UNLV would lose to a team they lost to a few weeks ago, it’s called being hot at the right time and California was. Who seeded this? This was the dumbest match-up I’ve seen in years.

Minnesota beating UCLA: Minnesota was that strong upsetting team all year; they just seem to do better against those highly ranked Top25 teams. UCLA has been falling off the board though year after year, what happened to them?

FGCU: This team is amazing, and I really have nothing more to say as I’ve never even heard of this team. Bravo to them and I hope they go far. What a story.

If I missed any I apologize I’m still a little upset with how my bracket looks.



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