Call it what you want…NASCAR is flat out entertaining


Call it a soap opera, call it a sport, call it glorified WWE. Whatever the term you want to you use, NASCAR has a phenomenal story line developing, and is pure entertainment.

A quick background….I am not a NASCAR fan by trade. Rather, I participate in a Fantasy NASCAR League, to pass the dog days of summer as I look forward to our annual Fantasy Football Draft. I grew up in a household where my father would tape the race, watch it Sunday Night, and on occasion, I would get a bit interested, but never enough to call myself a diehard fan.

However, this year, I have become captivated by it. The outlash of drivers, the opinions, and yes just like other sports, they too are served with fines when they decide to lash out (see Denny Hamlin). And yes, as that insert states, they too run their mouth refusing to pay their fines.

These storylines that develop, are great for fans. There are two types of fans in NASCAR. The devoted, block your Sunday for 4 hours and watch fans, and then there is the N’Sync fans. Why do I call them N’Sync fans you ask? Because similar to the boy band N’Sync from the late 90’s, which every male will admit they couldn’t stand, but does know all the words to at least one of their songs that was overplayed. The same is the same with NASCAR. It is taboo to admit to being a NASCAR fan, but on Sunday Afternoon, when the girlfriend is out of town, PBA Bowling has just ended on ESPN, as Norm Duke just won his 5th straight Akron Open, we find ourselves devulged in Fox broadcast of NASCAR.

My kudos to NASCAR for persevering through a sports era of 20 years that has involved much contreversy. Yet, this sport, allows their athletes, yes athletes, to participate with their hearts on their sleeves. Maybe it’s because I am from the Midwest, and watching these blue-collar folk drive a car fast that appeals to me, but these drivers are on the cusp of a breakthrough with the new generation of sports fans.

I know that NASCAR is not scripted. But, even the greatest writers for soaps and WWE could not create a love triangle that has developed like Tony Stewart, Denny Hamlin, and Joey Logano. Throw into the mix Danica Patrick, Earnhardt Jr., Gordon, Johnson,….etc. etc.

Oh and the best part, they compete each week(poor timing as they do take the Easter week off). But unlike the PGA Tour studs, who choose their schedule due to fatigue (I mean who couldn’t get fatigued playing golf for millions of dollars each week on beautiful golf courses), these drivers get after it, week in and week out. And the greatest part about it, they do it for the fans. Whether you are the fan who sets aside your time for this event, or the “N’Sync” fan, enjoy what you are seeing. This season has the potential to be the wildest ride yet.


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