The Heat Wave is Over


How’d the Bulls do it? How!? Rose is out and Noah is out, and yet the Bulls were able to take down the Heat. Now I wasn’t originally a Miami Heat fan, but watching how they handled their streak and how they acted the Heat started to grow on me and I really loved watching them. They were extremely enjoyable to watch as I sat at the edge of my seat to see if they were going to lose or not. The Heat’s streak was impressive, and it over-shadowed my Denver Nuggets streak, though they didn’t play without their flaws, especially as their streak came to an end.

The Heat started to trail more and more of their games, starting around the time they played the Bucks In almost every game sense then the Heat trailed by double digits. Somehow they were able to rally, either by their own willingness or because the other team just grew too fatigued. I’m honestly glad the streak is over so now the Heat can focus more on getting a title instead of playing to break a streak. The Bulls on the other hand clinched their fifth straight playoff berth, handing the Heat their first loss since Feb. 1.


“We’ve been saying it all year: When we’re at our best, we can beat anybody,” Luol Deng said.

Deng scored 28 points, including 12 in the fourth quarter and four 3-pointers. Jimmy Butler provided big play after big play to spark the Bulls, finishing with 17 points and a career-high five assists. And Carlos Boozer added 21 points and 17 rebounds on a night the Bulls never backed down. Minutes later, Kirk Hinrich ripped a rebound out of Chris Bosh’s hands and fed Taj Gibson for a jumper and nine-point lead at the other end.

“More often than not when we play them, it comes down to exactly that, a loose ball, a hustle play,” Thibodeau said.


James led the Heat with 32 points, but Thibodeau’s defensive schemes turned him into a scorer more than his preferred role of facilitator. James had just three assists and clearly tired of the Bulls’ physical ways that included a Hinrich takedown and a Gibson horse-collar that originally got called a flagrant before being overturned after video review.

“Those are not basketball plays,” James said of the hard fouls. James rarely gets fouled and he really needed to calm down in this game, it was obvious that he was frustrated. James is a smart cool headed player most of the time and he rarely complains. I don’t see the Heat losing anymore games for the rest of the regular season. They just ran into that one team that had their number this time. Good job Bulls, I never saw this coming I thought for sure the Spurs would ruin the Heat streak.

Now that it’s over it almost feels like Michael Jordan is back in basketball. Are you more hyped for basketball now too? How do you feel the day after the Heat lose?


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