TigerMania!!!! Its B-A-A-A-C-K


Private Jet – Check
Yacht – Check
New House – Check
#1 Golfer – Check
New Lady – Check
Another Green Jacket – soon to be check!

I am going to be straight and upfront.  I never once doubted the ability of Tiger Woods.  Never once.  I have seen friends and family go through a divorce, and after some time, they return.  At certain times, you see glimpses, they toggle back and forth of their real self and their alter ego they have developed as a divorcee.  But eventually it all gets ironed out in the wash.

Just when this puzzle of Tiger Woods seemed to be missing a few pieces, we roll over the couch cushions, and waalah!  The piece we have been missing.  Insert Lindsey Vonn.

TigerMania is Back.  I will not crown him yet as being fully back, but that next step can be conquered in just a few short weeks at Augusta National.  A “Tiger-Proofed” golf course.  If I am in the field, I am so content with second place.  Similar to an NCAA 2 seed versus 15 seed, the rest of the field needs to play their best, and needs Tiger to miss a few pieces of his.  And if there is one thing that fuels this guy, it is the fuel of taking words of the media, crumpling them, and jamming them right back into the pie-hole they came from.  The Tiger Nay-Sayers.

I am going to go on record.  With age, comes intelligence.  And Tiger, as he ages, is becoming smarter and wiser.  Tiger will win the 2013 Masters, he will leave little room for speculation, and after, will be hungrier than ever.  Put on your seatbelts and saddle up for the ride.  It’s gonna be wild.

And this time, the five iron won’t go smashing through the back window.


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