Matt Flynn. Who Got the Better End of this Deal


Now as some of you have heard, the Seattle Seahawks have traded Matt Flynn to the Oakland Raiders. The trade consists of Seattle obtaining a 5th round in next years NFL draft, followed by a conditional 2015 round pick, (it’s believed to be performance based) Now, to the question I want to pose here. Was this pick really worth it? From my point of view, this play seems like a slightly cheap version of the Kevin Kolb saga. We have a guy, that has only 2 career starts and in those two starts, he had quite an amazing outing against the lions, where he posted up 5 td passes. However, if we put that game where had huge success into perspective. You had to look at the receivers he was throwing to and the great team he had around him to see, that it really shouldn’t have been a surprise at the huge success he had in that game. Now the Overall winner in this trade , I’d have to give it slightly to the seahawks, solely because they were able to get some value for Flynn and unfortunately for the raiders, they are first going to be on the hook for Palmer for about 10 million,even after they eventually get the trade deal done with the cards. then they’re stuck paying a unproven Matt Flynn about 5.6 million, which seems a little high to for for someone who has very little experience, but at the same time it’s not as bad as Palmers contract.  so to those who read this, I’s like to hear your thoughts on this deal. Who do you believe won?


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