Does Winning Cover Up Selfishness?


Carmelo Anthony released his final shot of the night and then walked away like a hero, already knowing the outcome. His shot was good, and his cape fell to the ground. That’s right for you New York fans Carmelo is a hero, but is this victory against a fab threeless Miami Heat really that impressive? Carmelo should really be ashamed, he had like no  assists and 50 points. I think I can hear that Miami Heat fan in the crowd, is he yelling out “Ball Hog!”? I believe he is, and he has it right. You can’t stride to be the best and not pass the ball around and help your team, this is pure selfishness. The most disappointing part is, this team and Carmelo are so weak they couldn’t get to the paint at all against the starless Miami Heat. The Knicks barely won having to rely entirely on jumpers, Anthony tied his career high with 50 points and the Knicks won their ninth straight game. Time for some selfish quotes from your man, Carmelo Anthony.

”I felt good tonight,” Anthony said.

He made his first seven shots, and the fact that he had 37 points before notching any other statistic, for example no rebounds, assists, steals or blocked shots until the third quarter. He let everyone in the building know that he was all about a scoring spree, I’m glad this guys on my team, because that means I get the ball a lot and I get plenty of playing time…or not.

”I think just from the start of the game, it’s a feeling that you just have while you’re out there on the court,” Anthony said. ”Sometimes you get off to a good start and then you get cold the rest of the game, but tonight wasn’t one of those cases.”

Anthony’s first rebound came with only 7:02 left in the third, and his first assist came as the clock was expiring to end the period, setting up Steve Novak for a 3-pointer from the right corner that allowed New York to take a 78-76 lead into the final 12 minutes.

”My thing is to try to be aggressive, make shots,” Anthony said. ”When you make shots, it makes the game so much easier.”

Carmelo you’re the man, this team should be called the New York Melo’s! I’m so glad he doesn’t play for the Denver Nuggets anymore.


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