The Magic of Baseball…Gone?


As we all know the Baseball season has started, they came up fast didn’t it, or perhaps it’s just my bad sense of time. The Astros played the first game of baseball and like me I’m sure you also think they suck. Surprisingly they won their first game of the series. That’s not what this Blog is about though it’s about the fall of baseball fandom here in the United States. Now I’m pretty sure it’s pretty obvious that baseball is no longer the American pastime as football has completely taken over. Though whenever I mock baseball or say the sport has no fans I get bombarded with remarks about how this persons a fan and this persons a fan. If this is the case then how come the stadiums and parks are always so empty? Don’t tell me you can’t afford a ticket when most good seats don’t get much more expensive than $35. This is a let less than trying to by a NFL ticket, and those stadiums are always sold out…unless you North Carolina, Cleveland, Jacksonville, or Tennessee.


If you’re such a fan then why don’t you prove it, I went to several games last year and two this year and I’m bothered by how quiet the stadium is. Show some enthusiasm, some energy, some love for your team! A friend of mine is a Cubs fan and he was describing his visits to Miller Park for example. He described the feeling of Miller Park was like being at a PGA tour, with light clapping during hits. Where’s the shouting, where’s the CHARGE! I don’t think there are any true hardcore baseball fans out there, you just want something to do that night, to kid yourself.


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