In Ted We Trust….I Think


8 years later….here we sit.  I have been one of the biggest supporters of Mr. Thompson, however, much like my Livestrong Bracelet, that support is starting to fray.  I want to believe in what he can do, and I want to put faith in him, but that faith is slowly drifting.

I love the Green Bay Packers.  Always have, always will.  But right now, we are being left in the dust quicker than Danica Patrick in a NASCAR race.  One of the largest and most prolific free agent classes in recent memory, and we land…eh em…Brad Jones.  Brad fricken Jones.

Nothing against Brad Jones, because he will add depth at a place where we need it, but what are we doing here Ted.  It is unrealistic, to think, you can draft a player in the late first round and have him be an immediate impact player.  What about our Offensive Line?  What about a Tight End?  What about our Secondary, D-Line, and dare I say our kicker.  Now I am sure these will be addressed in free agency…in fact I am positive.  But I just don’t get the guy.  I would never want to play this man in a game of poker, because I simply have no idea where his cards lie.

If you are gonna let Greg Jennings walk across the Mississippi and up to Minnesota, why keep Jermichael Finley.  Could’ve been more money in Ted’s pocket.  In a free agency year, that was filled with studs, Ted kindly sat in his cozy office, seeing how long it would take before his hands are numb.  Times up Ted…they’re numb.

We will continue in this Thompson/McCarthy era as we have…a mediocre 10-6 squad that gets bounced in the first or second week of the playoffs.  Keep in mind, while they have won a Super Bowl recently, it was out of the 6th seed.  The following year they ran the table only to an epic collapse in the playoffs.

I have a gut feeling that we will look back on these Rodgers Years wondering what if….?


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