A quick rant….and let me apologize before-hand for being insensitive.  But these clips of players crying as Kevin Ware went down with his injury…is ridiculous.  I understand it was tragic.  I get it was disgusting.  I get his bone was sticking out of his leg.  But why are they watching like the young man just got shot.

Again, I am not saying it was not a tragic injury.  But when Tiger Woods tore his ACL and won a major, did people cry?  When Greg Oden went down for the 3rd, 4th, 5th whatever time..did people cry?

College Basketball is a great time.  This time of year is fantastic with the tournament, but allow me to be the first to say, this was an over the top reaction.   I wish him nothing less than a quick and healthy recovery which I am certain with his demeanor he will achieve.

Again, call me emotionless, but answer this question.  If he broke his leg, without the pertrusion, and he goes off like every other player, does the same take place?  I rest my case.


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