The American Athletics Conference


So is it bad to have an issue with a NCAA Conference, because I have one with the offspring left behind by the Big East Fallout. First off, this is the dumbest name for a Conference, it’s like the Big 10’s Leaders and Legends…stupid.

The American Athletic Conference will have 10 members in its first season: Rutgers, Louisville, Connecticut, South Florida, Cincinnati, Central Florida, Memphis, Houston, SMU and Temple. After the first year they’ll already stat losing members as Rutgers joins the Big10, I can’t wait to see this current eye sore of a team in the prestige’s Big 10.

Rutgers and Louisville are likely leaving after 2013 and are set to be replaced by Tulane, East Carolina and Tulsa in 2014. Navy is schedule to join in 2015. So pretty much this Conference is on the fast track to being the least watched and most uninteresting conference in the NCAA.


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