Yankees Start Season in the Rough


That’s right I’m like all of you Heat and Lakers haters out there when it comes to baseball. I hate the Yankees because when I was growing up they were that team that went around buying all the big players and went around beating everyone. I hate the Yankees because they were good. I’m extremely happy this is happening to the Yankees. This teams old, they’re war torn, and they’re falling behind. Now I know old is a lame excuse and I usually hate using it when referring to other sports. The same goes for using tired, heads up people yea of course they’re tired they’re athletes and they play a tiring sport. They’ve been playing on their life I don’t want to hear tired as a lame excuse anymore. Anyway the reason I go with old here is because unlike the Lakers these guys play far more games than a basketball player does, I’m surprised bones don’t start breaking on these guys.

For the first time since 1999, the Boston Red Sox are 2-0. For the first time since 1935, they began the season with two wins at the Yankees.

”Definitely a big confidence booster,” Buchholz said after Boston beat New York, 7-4, on a cold Wednesday night. People were fleeing the stadium like a lethal disease had started to spread through the stadium. Garbage blew around in the wind and you could almost hear a cricket chirping in the nose bleeds. Buchholz (1-0) allowed one run and six hits in seven innings, struck out four and walked two, and the Red Sox backed him with a quick 6-0 lead by scoring five runs with two outs. Because of the weather, Buchholz threw in an indoor cage between innings to stay loose.

The crowd of 40,216 was the fewest for a Red Sox-Yankees game in the Bronx since 27,631 were at the old ballpark on May 27, 1999, according to STATS. And for the second straight game, the stadium was nearly empty in the late innings.

”It’s what it’s all about,” Red Sox right fielder Shane Victorino said. ”It’s about getting out there and scoring early and getting them out of there.”

Unless the Yankees can get their players healthier faster or if their non-stars can start playing better I’m not sure I can see this team in the playoffs this year, though they’d probably be just as good as they were last year in the playoffs anyway. Sorry Yankees but I think it’s time get start using a new strategy.


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