Does Hamilton Deserve Forgivness?


The Rangers beat the Angels on Saturday in the second game of the weekend series between the AL West rivals, and Hamilton  is now hitless in eight at-bats as a visitor in Arlington. He was 0-for-4 with two boo-riddled, ovation-inducing strikeouts and two fly outs Saturday.

Hamilton insulted Dallas and he deserves to be booed. Rule number one for an athlete? Never ever insult your fans. This man deserves to be booed and I don’t care if he starts hitting home runs and doing good he should be booed at every Texas game for the rest of the year. I hope to see even crazier and laugh inducing signs as the season goes on.

None of the heat stopped Hamilton from making a few comments at the fans after Friday’s game:

“I will never take back what I said (about Dallas not being a baseball town) until they show up every night for 30 years,” Hamilton said. “But I’m glad I can help create spirit and fire in this town.”

Does that not scream ignorance? Though perhaps this hatred will bring in the fans, and I really hope it does. As I said I get annoyed by so-called “baseball fans” who don’t even watch games, go to games, or watch score card. Cool you have an MLB shirt but that doesn’t make you a fan.


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