Joe Flacco Comes Out


Anyone remember that quarterback who kept making it to the playoffs and failed to move on every year? Anyone remember that quarterback with some of the lowest QBRs who kept saying he was elite? Joe Flacco wasn’t often out spoken but he was known for a lot of his stats and fluke likeness throughout his NFL career. Now that he’s won the Super Bowl, Flacco, has started to finally express himself and come out of his shell, but is it for better or for worse?

After is new contract deal the Raven players have been dropping like flies. Who has been receiving a bulk of the blame for this…Joe Flacco. Flacco decided to come out and say that he’s “Elite”, which I strongly disagree with. Now he’s going to play Johnny Unitas in an upcoming movie. I’ve never seen this guy act before and I haven’t seen him on SNL which is where most NFL stars start off their acting career nowadays.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens QB has agreed to play Baltimore’s most legendary QB in the final scenes of the movie, “Unitas We Stand,” which has a current release date of early 2014, to coincide with the Super Bowl.

The website, states that Flacco will play Unitas in the action scenes in the 1958 NFL Championship Game, won by the Colts in overtime and, nicknamed The Greatest Game Ever Played. This game is most known for bringing the game of professional football into the mainstream.

In a statement posted to the site, Flacco said, “I’m excited and honored by the opportunity to play Johnny Unitas.”

Hopefully his acting won’t be as bad as I believe the Raven will be this year. It’s time for the Bengals to be the leader in this division.


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