Lakers Are More Exciting Than March Madness


The Lakers are more entertaining than watching La Salle, FGCU, and Wichita State go as far as they did in March Madness. Instead of one month the Lakers up and down record has been going on all year along with all the controversies. Is D’Antoni the right coach for the Lakers? Is Dwight going to work out? Can this team get along? Will they make it to the playoffs?

My opinion is yes to all of the above and this team isn’t only going to make it to the playoffs they’re going all the way. I’m really cheering for this team. They’re going to be a late threat. I don’t know what’s happened to this team but they seem to be running on all cylinders. Their most recent wins and group effort is extremely impressive.

I’ve also heard rumors that Kobe will officially be retiring next year. I’d love it even more if they won it all this year, what a great end to one of the greatest players of the recent generation.


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