Vince Young Needs a Second Chance


Vince Young picked some familiar ground as he tries to resurrect his sinking NFL career. Vince Young had some issues early on in his career, but he seems to have really matured and I believe he deserved another chance at the NFL. Here’s the problem though, what does he bring to the table to take on a starting position. Sadly he doesn’t bring anything fresh or new to the NFL. I can’t see him starting but I’d love to see him as a back-up. I think Vince could bring a lot to the locker room.

Out of football since being cut by the Buffalo Bills before last season, the former University of Texas star used the Longhorns’ pro timing day workouts Tuesday to throw passes in front on scouts for 30 teams. Seven years earlier, Young used the same venue to make his case as the top quarterback in the draft. This time, he was just trying to show teams he’s worthy of a roster spot, which I think he really deserves.

Young is enrolled in school and finish his degree in May, Marlatt said.

”This is a good spot for him,” Marlatt said.

Marlatt said Young doesn’t have any individual team workouts scheduled yet, but called Tuesday ”the opening shot … He’s showing teams he’s been working out, throwing and getting ready.”

He defiantly shows determination as he strides to better himself not only on the field but off the field, by finishing school. Congratulations Vince, I really hope you go somewhere where you can be happy.

NFL consultant Gil Brandt, the former Cowboys player personnel director, said Young threw well, but teams won’t be impressed by that.

”I hope that if somebody gives him a chance – and they should – that he understands it’s his last hurrah.” Brandt said.


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