Farewell Antoine Winfield

sel 1068 Vikings Titans

As Some of you may not be aware of at this point, because nothing is finalized, Former Minnesota Viking Cornerback Antoine Winfield is reportedly ‘very close’ to working out a contract deal with the Seattle Seahawks. Now first off, this move makes their secondary even more scary, then it was originally. The depth will be next to insane and they’ve pulled away, in my opinion as the top dog to win the superbowl next year. This whole situation for me as a Viking fan has me  Very sad, angry, and happy at the same time.

Sad because my favorite player on the Vikings will no longer be apart of the team. Angry, because of the huge disrespect the Jackass of a GM that we have now, whom I hate with a great passion in Rick Spielman, who didn’t even try to keep Winfield, but instead canned him a few hours before free agency started, and even though Winfield was coming into this season at 35 years old, he was also coming off his best season ever, then not to mention that this man was the heart and soul of the defense  Then happy, because right now on paper the Seattle Seahawks have the look of a Juggernaut and I  I have great confidence, that Winfield will be riding off into the sunset, with a superbowl ring, like another one of my favorite former Viking players Matt Birk did, last season with the Baltimore Ravens.

I truly hope that Winfield is able to do what Birk did last year, because Winfield truly deserves it and secondly, Like Matt Birk. Winfield is just one of those high character classy guys, that you just cant help but love and root for. Good Luck Winfield and for this Vikings fan, you will be sorely missed.


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