How Much Does Lebron Really Owe His Fans?


It’s the risk of being a sports fan, and we just have to get over it. When you buy a ticket, especially near the end of the year, you are taking the risk of seeing your favorite player sit on the bench. As much as I love the sign the kid is holding I also must disagree with it. Lebron is resting to bring you a championship. As a fan I’d rather see my team bring me a championship, though I’m more of a team fan then a player fan.

I understand how this fan feels; I’m a D Rose supporter, even though I’ve bashed him for his injury this year. I just wish he’d stop saying I don’t know and start telling me yes or no. I went to two Bulls games this year and even though I saw him dunking and shooting basketballs before the game he didn’t play. I get it he needs rest or time or whatever he needs, I’m over it.

Athletes don’t owe us anything. As a matter of fact most players find super fans or the hardcore fans annoying. They work hard every day taking hit after hit, they have their own goals and their own agendas. They need to make a name for themselves while they’re playing, a stars career could end with just one injury. I’m sorry you didn’t get to see your favorite player, but he’s doing it for you, in a sense. Don’t you want to brag about how your team got a championship and your friends didn’t?

Also no offense to this guy but even if the Heat were in town, why did two late-season Wizards tickets cost over $600? Bucks vs Heat tickets don’t even cost that much and I sat courtside. Try using Stub Hub or Ticketmaster buddy, I don’t know where you got those tickets but you got ripped off.


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