The NFLs April Fools


It recently came out the Peyton Manning is quite the prankster and got Eric Decker pretty good. The Denver Broncos quarterback worked out at Duke with new teammate Wes Welker and returning receivers Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas, among others, on Wednesday. When the crew went on to dinner, Manning decided to make Decker the target for an easy laugh by telling his other teammates to play along as he handed over a fake invoice exceeding $3,000. Peyton even tried to make it believable by comping the airport shuttle, but sadly some of the math is wrong if you follow the bill closely. It’s good to see that NFL players have a fun side as they can sometimes come off as robotic or mean. That’s not the case though, the only difference is that they can play more expensive pranks.


Since it’s April and this prank happened I’ve decided to share some of the best Rookie pranks and comments from players about pranks. Enjoy!


Some of us will never know what it feels like to be asked for an autograph. I bet it’s a thrill especially for a rookie in the NFL. However, it turns out that this was just a prank for QB Kyle Orton in 2005. Bear’s center Olin Kreutz asked Orton to sign a helmet for his family. The problem is that the autographed helmet was not for Kreutz’s family. Instead the helmet in question actually belonged to one Kyle Orton, who if you haven’t guessed, had to practice in it.


Even some of the best NFL players need a laugh here and there. Joe Montana was known to put rookie’s bikes in different trees. It seems a little harmless, but considering that the practice field was only about a quarter-mile from the housing facility, bikes were the main source of transportation. After a tough day on the field a player would have to fetch his bike from a tree, only to discover that he just got someone else’s bike down.


There’s a rule that even non-NFL players know – do what the Vets tell you. I guess OT Chris Colmer didn’t get that message. In 2005, FB Mike Alstott asked the rookie to get him a Gatorade. Colmer decided to be a wise guy and drew a map to the fridge for Alstott instead. As redemption, Alstott took the wheels off of Colmer’s car and left a map on the windshield to where the tires were.


One of the Jags defensive linemen told Groves that he had made the Pro Bowl. A dream come true, right? Groves did the natural thing and called his family, friends, etc. in his excitement. After practice his teammates broke the news that it was just a joke. I would hate to have made that return call.


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