Arsenal Fan Throws Banana, Gets Banned


Since when can we not throw bananas during football games!? Soccer for you Americans.  An Arsenal fan has been banned three years from soccer matches for throwing a banana at Tottenham forward Gareth Bale. This is a big game and there needs to be better security in the stands, this happens all the time. Football (Soccer) fans are funny, but they need better self-control.

Thomas Flint was accused by a judge of committing ”disgraceful behavior” for hurling the fruit at Bale, as he took a corner kick. Flint also swore at Tottenham fans during the Premier League match at White Hart Lane. District Judge Rebecca Crane told Flint at a magistrates’ court on Friday that he allowed his passion for soccer ”to boil over into hostility for a single player and the opposing team. It could have boiled over into violence.”

Flint was also fined $385.

Arsenal had previously said it would ban for life the fan found guilty of the offense.


2 thoughts on “Arsenal Fan Throws Banana, Gets Banned

    • Soccer fans are crazy, I’ve been to hundreds of football, baseball, and basketball games and I’ve never seen something like this. I do find the situation pretty funny though.

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