Charge the Mound! Dodgers vs Padres!


The Dodgers signed pitcher Zack Greinke to a six-year, $147 million contract in the offseason, they thought they were getting a pitcher and one that pitched every fifth game, not every fifth week. And they don’t pay star center fielder Matt Kemp $160 million to chase down opposing players and be separated by police after the game, either.


In the sixth inning of Thursday night’s game against the Padres at Petco Park in San Diego, Greinke hit Padres slugger Carlos Quentin in the shoulder. This lead to a bench-clearing brawl as Quentin charged the 2009 Cy Young winner. How could this be intentional, with the score where it sat? Greinke had no reason for hitting Quentin in the shoulder. Ok yea he’s hit Quentin twice, but seriously stop putting pieces together that don’t go together. Greinke’s not a fighter, he has social anxiety. He even made the mistake of lower his shoulder and letting himself get hit. Apparently, Kemp was so fired up, he confronted Quentin after the game.

The best part about this is the tweets that followed:


While Greinke went into self-defense mode and lowered his left (non-throwing) shoulder into the charging Quentin, before getting in some, let’s call them “low blows”. Shortly after the game the Dodgers announced that Greinke, who left the game after the brawl but was not ejected,suffered a broken left collarbone, with TV reports indicating he will be out a month.


Quetnin just made himself look like a fool and instead of play it cool he made a scene. Even the Dodgers manager Don Mattingly called Quentin charging the mound, “stupid”, and even offered up an interesting idea for disciplining the hitter. Quentin should be out for the same amount of time Grienke is out.




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