Streak Killers Strike Again


The lights came on and the crowd started screaming. The basketball was tossed into the air and the suspense built. The ball was knocked back and the shoes squeaked down the court. The ball pounded on the wooden floor, and then in slow motion it flew through the air. It hit the inside of the rim and sweat dripped down the players faces as they watched what was about to happen next. The ball dropped through the hoop and the Bulls players sighed in relief and closed their eyes. The crowd grew loud again chanting, “Kill the streak! Kill the streak! Kill the streak!”

How do the Bulls do it? They just ended another streak, after beating the Heat a few games ago. Their star is sitting out saying he’s not 100% ready. Noah is resting until the playoffs; at least I’m pretty sure of it. Somehow this average team is just clutch in big time games. I wasn’t sure they’d do well in the playoffs but now I’m starting to raise my eye brow at them. This team just seems to have it late in the big time games.


The Knicks just couldn’t get their shooting consistent; if I remember correctly they only had a 38% field goal percentage. Carmello seemed a little off his game, but his rebounding is what caught me off guard. I don’t know if he’s intimidating or what but the Bulls just didn’t seem like they wanted to compete with Anthony for the rebounds. Kidd and Smith appeared to have great games though. The Knicks had the lead for almost the entire game and somehow the Bulls took a late lead. The problem is that they got their lead and then they didn’t make any of their last 14 shot attempts. This allowed the Knicks to tie the game, and almost even win it. Too many Bulls players decided it was time to play hero ball I’d say.


Nate Robinson scored 35 points and nailed five 3-pointers to lead in the Bulls win over the New York Knicks’ 13-game winning streak. Jimmy Butler and Carlos Boozer each recorded double-doubles with 22 points and 14 rebounds and 13 points and 15 boards, respectively, for the Bulls, who became the second team to snap two 13-plus game winning streaks in the same season (Suns in 1990-91).

Carmelo Anthony scored 36 points and has a six-game streak of netting at least that many points. Kobe Bryant is the last player to accomplish such a feat, doing so in nine straight games in 2003.


The Bulls kept making turnovers sadly, and Nate Robinson couldn’t keep his big mouth shut as usual which resulted in him receiving a technical. Carmello got some shots do to Nate. I was hoping Nate would calm down so he didn’t have to run into Carmello by the bus because he insulted his momma. Number one rule of trash talking in the NBA, never insult someone mom. Here’s some food for thought though, relating to my two latest posts. What’s more bothersome, Derrick Rose sitting out because he’s “injured” or Lebron James sitting out disappointing fans so he can be ready for the playoffs?


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