The British Foreign Legion: British & Irish Rugby Abroad

I’m a rugby fan, but sadly I none of the channels on my tv air the sport. great post by Breaking the Fainline: The Hard Yards

Breaking the Gainline: The Hard Yards

British & Irish Lions tours are always magnificent spectacles, blending rugby tradition with the rampant athleticism of the modern era.

Warren Gatland and his brains trust of esteemed coaches, have been casting an eye over the contenders for months.

While pundits scour the British Isles for men worthy of donning the famous red jersey, there are a significant number of ex-pats plying their trade on foreign shores. British ex-pats do not just wear football shirts, drink beer and blister in the midday Iberian heat.

These are not callow or spotty youngsters, but are professionals of proven ability. Some are glittering examples of hardened test match veterans.

But, could the va va voom of rugby’s foreign legion, compete with the va va boom of the British & Irish Lions?

England does not select from south of the English Channel, nor are the Lions likely to select more than a handful. This…

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