Boston Marathon Aftermath and What You Can Do to Help (Graphic Content)


I had my team take a Moment of Silence today in honor of those who were put into critical condition and for those who lost their lives. Some of the content in this post may be graphic in nature, but I found it touching and necessary. I’d first like to give out a prayer for Martin Richards, a young 8 year old boy who lost his life waiting for his dad to cross the finish line. Richards’s mother was put in the hospital and had been diagnosed to have a severe brain injury. Richards’s sister had to have one of her legs amputated. Friends of the family gathered at Tavolo Restaurant on Monday night in Dorchester, where William Richard is a community leader.


“They are beloved by this community. They contribute in many ways. That’s why you see this outpouring,” City Councilor at Large Ayanna Pressley told the Boston Globe. “It’s surreal, it’s tragic, it’s incomprehensible. Everyone here tonight is trying to comfort one another and be prayerful.”


The tragic blasts from the explosions took the lives of 3 people so far and at least 140 people have been injured. No one has yet admitted to the bombing, but the FBI and police continue to look for a suspect. Athletes from the area and from around the country are giving their prayers.


I’m still in a state of shock and awe from the events that took place yesterday. Security for sporting event around the world will be increased and it was thought that the London Marathon could possibly be canceled. As for now it is still up and running, pun not intended.


What you can do to help:

The Massachusetts Emergency Management agency tweeted the message earlier that if you’re trying to reach friends and family and can’t get through via phone, texting is your best option as it requires less bandwidth. The Boston mayor’s hotline is also a land line option: 617-635-4500

The Red Cross “Safe and Well” page exists to let concerned friends and family know you’re OK. Sign in there if you are in the Boston area and someone might be worried about you. The Red Cross also urges you to update your social media pages, too.

The crime tips hotline in Boston can be reached at 800-494-TIPS has set up a Google Doc for those who need a place to stay or have a place to house runners who can’t get back to their hotels or fly out of the city.

The Red Cross tweeted that there is “enough blood on shelves to meet demand,” following the tragedy in Boston. However, American Red Cross spokeswoman Anne Marie Borrego tells NBC News that she encourages those who want to help or give back in some way to schedule a time in the future to give blood. Most importantly, people — especially those in Boston — can help by visiting the Safe and Well website, and to “listen to local authorities.”

I’d like to post more today but I think this deserves to be front and center, some information contained was through the help of


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