NCAA Weakness Staying Strong, No Pun Intended


Once again when the situation starts creeping up or when it gets to hot those who are responsible seem to run and take cover somewhere else or out of reach. Lets make a list shall we? Nevin Shapiro, Jim Tressel, Five Ohio State Players, Reggie Bush, Pete Carrol, Eric Murdock, Ed Rush, Gene Chizik, and now possibly Chip Kelly.

What’s wrong with the NCAA, I’ve said it beofre and I’ll say it again. NCAA bring down your walls and build something new.

The current status of the NCAA is a mockery. They’re weak and they look extremely unprofessional. They’ve got no one to blame but themselves as they painted the target on their back themselves.

Oregon and the NCAA agree that the school committed “major” violations within its recruiting practices, which have been the subject of an ongoing NCAA investigation. In a draft of the summary disposition report obtained by Eugene, Ore., TV station KATU, more details have emerged surrounding the Ducks’ activities and use of Will Lyles, a Texas-based scout whose firm Complete Scouting Services allegedly provided Oregon with an illegal recruiting advantage, among other violations.

Through the summary disposition, Oregon offered to self-impose a two-year probation for the football program and a reduction of one scholarship for each of the next three seasons, according to The Ducks will meet with the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions later this year to determine the school’s ultimate fate.

The report details Lyles’ impermissible contact with student-athletes, which gave Oregon “a meaningful recruiting advantage” by providing the school with background information on prospective recruits. The document also states that Oregon paid at least $35,000 for a number of improper recruiting services, including $25,000 to Lyles and Complete Scouting Services. Oregon also failed to adequately record recruiting information on a quarterly basis, as mandated by the NCAA. The school and the NCAA disagree on the severity of these charges, however; Oregon considers them to be secondary violations, while the NCAA believes they are major violations.

This comes down to the problem I brought up a while back. In the end now who gets punished? Probably the youth who go their and they don’t deserve it.


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