What Does Kobe’s Injury Mean for the Lakers


Well there goes the greatest thing that could’ve happened ithis year in the NBA. I was predicting and hoping that Kobe would get his Lakers through the playoffs, and then to the finals, and get himself another ring. Then he’d retire with his last ring and the end of an amazing season. Sadly this had to happen to Kobe and no matter what happend this year, Kobe will not be retiring until next year.

It’s now up to Dwight Howard to carry this team and show that he’s the futur of this team. It sadly looks to tip in D’Antoni’s favor, as he can now take control of this team and use Steve Nash the way he wanted to. I don’t think this Lakers team is better without Kobe, they’re still good but without Bryant on the court this team can’t make it to the finals.

Over the course of Kobe’s17-year career, he has played in 1,239 of 1,346 possible regular-season games and 220 of 223 playoff games. His durability has been just as important to his legacy as his once-in-a-generation talent on the basketball court. Now, for the first time in 17 years, the Lakers must play without him for the foreseeable future. The torn Achilles tendon Bryant suffered near the end of Friday’s 118-116 win against the Golden State Warriors ended his season just when the Lakers will need him the most.

The Lakers showed the can beat the Spurs, but they can’t beat OKC. No Kobe, no hope.

On the other side my Nuggest beat the Bucks the other day and I’m very proud of them. I think the Nuggest will break the old stereotype that you need to have a “super star”.


11 thoughts on “What Does Kobe’s Injury Mean for the Lakers

    • Lakers have huge heart, I was crushed when I found out about Kobe’s injury. I wanted this season ot turn into the dream season for the Lakers. If the Lakers can play the Spurs in the first round I can see them moving to the second round. I’d neeed to see how they play before I can make an opinion on if they’ll move past the second.

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