Clevelands 2nd inning bench


After a moment of silence for the tragic bombings in Boston yesterday the crowd of 9143 watched as all players took to the field wearing the famed number fourty two jerseys in honor of the great Jackie Robinson. Jimenez looking to better himself after his first start against the Yankees took to the mound throwing a one two three top of the inning. After the tribe went three up three down in the bottom of the inning it was time for Jimenez to come back out to the mound. With anyone cheering and hoping he’d come back out doing what he had done in the first well he did anything but that. Throwing fourty four pitches he alloud a double five walks, including the firs run scored, a single a sac fly and only one strike out. With the Sox up four to zero and the bases for the second time loaded up Jimenez’ night was over after only one and two thirds innings. With Cody Allen now out on the mound it didn’t look like things would get much better. He first faced Napoli who hit a three run double all charged to Jimenez. The seven runs in the second was all the Sox would need though. The Indians scored on a sac fly and a wild pitch and that was all she wrote for the tribe tonight in the series opener. Red Sox 7 Indians 2.


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