Beyond Wrestling 4/18/2013

Pro Wrestling: A Heel’s Perspective

What’s going on wrestling fans? I’m Jason and going to be your “Pro Wrestling” guy, from a “Heel’s” Perspective. Now I was not always a heel fan growing up watching wrestling in the mid 80’s through the present time. Having liked The Ultimate Warrior, Jake The Snake Roberts, Sting, Shawn Michaels and many more. However, over the past couple of years I have been noticing myself liking more of the “Heel” role. Now don’t get me wrong I still have have my favs when it comes to “faces”. I just get tired of seeing the same ole same ole. John Cena, sure he is a work horse for the WWE, and that’s fine and dandy. But does he always have to seem to try and steal the show. I think most of us know over the last year or better people have been turned off by seeing him over and over through main event after main event. He is good at what he does, but admit it. There are plenty of others out there working just as hard. Take Cm Punk for example. With a 435 day WWE title run….but has not main evented a pay per view? The Rock and Cena, or even Brock Lesnor and Triple H have done so the past year. Hell I see John Cena nothing more than a modern day Hulk Hogan! BLAH! Piss on Hulkamania. I wasn’t a fan even as a child. What About Randy Orton, Or Sheamus for that matter? Do they not week in and week out work just as hard if not harder? Wow and not to mention I have ordered EVERY pay per view since December and have only been entertained by The Shield and their undefeated streaks. Live shows have become more of main events as of late than Pay per views that have been nothing more than predictive and I HATE IT. You have plenty of current roster superstars and up and coming superstars to take that next big step. And Believe me Ryback isn’t one of them!


About Jay Jay Michaels

I am an Avid Pro Wrestling fan and critic. I love all sports but I'll leave everything else to those "professionals". From Me you will receive, Pro Wrestling News and also critiques on Television Broadcasted shows. I plan on researching indy promotions from other sources and posting about them as well! Hope you enjoy! Jay Jay Michaels Follow me @GoDeepWrestling

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