East Playoff Preview: Bulls the Ultimate X-Factor


Ok I don’t really want to touch the Derrick Rose subject but could he be a secret weapon that was held out all year on purpose? Was he really injured and he may come back in the playoffs? Will he net come back? I’ll be honest; I really don’t want to see Derrick Rose play. He better not play, with his excuses all year I don’t want to see Rose on the court. I think it’d be foolish because the Bulls don’t stand a chance making it to the final round. Now the Bulls are very clutch and they can beat any team, but the teams who are hot, the Heat and Knicks, are not going to let the Bulls beat them. Fact, Deron Williams will cause the Bulls problems. Nate Robinson and Kirk Hinrich will have trouble competing with Williams. The wildcard here will be the Derrick Rose situation.


Tom Thibodeau is one of the best coaches in the Association, squeezing so much out of this team despite Derrick Rose’s full-season absence. His defense should make things very difficult for Brooklyn. And the Bulls have a more complete roster compared to the Nets. The Bulls better be careful about playing zone on the Nets though, I’m afraid this scheme may not be the best. A quick fun fact that may or may not matter, but the Bulls have five players who won NCAA championships, the most in the NBA.


Williams finally looks like an All-Star again. He’s the most talented player on either active roster, and he has been great in April. Lopez has held his own all season against good centers, and Noah has been limited by injury. That may be the make it or break it for the physical battle against the Bulls. If Lopez can beat down an Injured Noah, who has been resting, then the game may be in the Nets court. The Nets need to play more physical then the Bulls do if they hope to win.

Game 1: Saturday, April 20, Bulls at Nets, 8 p.m.,   ESPN


Game 2: Monday, April 22, Bulls at Nets, 8 p.m.,   TNT


Game 3: Thursday, April 25, Nets at Bulls, 8:30   p.m., NBA TV


Game 4: Saturday, April 27, Nets at Bulls, 2 p.m.,   TNT


*Game 5: Monday, April 29, Bulls at Nets, TBD, TBD


*Game 6: Thursday, May 2, Nets at Bulls, TBD, TBD


*Game 7: Saturday, May 4, Bulls at Nets, TBD, TNT


Bulls in 6


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