East Playoff Preview: Heatwave Comes to the Midwest


Maybe this is just my opinion, or it’s a though for other to consider but is this match up just proof that the East in the NBA is a pretty weak division. If you don’t have the Heat competing for the spot in the finals against the Knicks then something is wrong with you or you think the NBA is like the NCAA Basketball. There’s really no upsets in the NBA Playoffs, that’s just silly.

Now as the season came to a close I thought for sure the Bucks could give the Heat some trouble, notice I said trouble not upset. The Bucks lost 5 of their last seven against teams they probably should’ve won, Hawks, Magic, and really….the Bobcats? The Bucks have just looked awful and honestly I’m surprised they beat a Durant free OKC Teams. Not like it matters since Westbrook seems to have taken over the team. The Bucks are going in as the sacrificial sheep to the Heat. The Heat will make a quick sweep of the Bucks and move to the nest round. Bucks win zero games in this round


The Heat, the best team in the NBA, PERIOD. Don’t bother trying to dispute it, you team is just not as good or better then the Heat. Dwayne Wade is back to his former self and is living up to the Way of Wade, a.k.a WOW. Chris Bosh is averaging 16 points per game and he’s been playing very aggressively lately, seems that Kirk Hinrich bullying him around that one game got to him. Don’t even get me started on definite MVP LeBron James; the man gave himself his own alley-oop last time he played the Bucks. Some quick stats coming at you from ESPN, 26.8 points per game, 7 assists per game, 8 rebounds per game, and a field goal percentage ranging from 53%-69%. Yea, the Heat waves coming and nobody is going to cool it off.


Game 1: Sunday, April 21, Bucks at Heat, 7 p.m.,   TNT
Game 2: Tuesday, April 23, Bucks at Heat, 7:30   p.m., NBA TV
Game 3: Thursday, April 25, Heat at Bucks, 7 p.m.,   TNT
Game 4: Sunday, April 28, Heat at Bucks, 3:30 p.m.,   ABC
*Game 5: Tuesday, April 30, Bucks at Heat, TBD, TBD
*Game 6: Thursday, May 2, Heat at Bucks, TBD, TBD
*Game 7: Saturday, May 4, Bucks at Heat, TBD, TNT

Heat in 4


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