Bittersweet at the ballpark


Today I went to my first game of the season! There’s just something about being at the ballpark win or lose, like today the indians lost 6 to 3 and got swept by the redsox, but I still loved being there. The thing that got me though is there wernt a lot of people there to start with which is sad but for the small amount that were there was still as much cheering for the Redsox as there was for the Indians. My cousin Dave and I just sat there like here we go again. This always seems to happen when the Redsox or the Yankees come to town. I almost titled this Progressive or Fenway. I mean I understand if you have a favorite team and they come to town and you get excited but what I can’t and will never understand is when people go to their home ballpark and see their hometeam and can cheer against them. The same team that the next home game they’ll be wearing their hats and jerseys, instead of the visitors, and cheering for them. It just kind of makes you sit there and go if this game was being played in Boston would this be happening? My answer is no but it does make me courious. I know when me and Dave went to Wrigley last year for the Cubs Giants game there were just as many people cheering for the Giants as the Cubs so I know its not just cleveland. I would like to know if this happens anywhere else and if it makes you as mad as it does me? I do know one thing, I am an Angels fan too and when they come to Cleveland in August ill be there with a dog and a beer wearing my tribe hat cheering for the Indians!


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