In Ted We Trust..Part 2


So maybe you saw my rant a few weeks back.  I am a typical Packers fan.  I bleed green and gold and it ruins my Sunday when they lose.  And again this year, I feel as though we are being knocked down peg after peg when I line up the NFC lineup.  I stated that Ted will get us to 10-6 and a playoff berth, along with his puppet Coach McCarthy.  Well, the schedule is out folks, and it’s looking like the same again.  The schedule is tough.  When you are a Division Champ, you are going to get treated like one, whether you can play to that ability or not.

Its a sad scenario.  I like to look at the games in brackets of 2 and figure out what the chances are of a 2-0 run, 1-1 or the unfortunate goose egg.  This year, lines up tough.

Week 1 + 2 – @SF, vs. Wash. – 1-1 at best.  We proved last year we can’t stop a running QB.  So we did nothing to change it this year.  1-1 after 2 games.

Weeks 3 + 4 – Cincy and a bye – We will beat Cincy.  Oh but great, a bye.  To a team that can’t stay healthy through an entire season.  STRIKE 1. 2-1

Weeks 5+6 – Detroit, @ Balt – Again 1-1.  A new and improved Detroit team, adding a big weapon in Reggie Kardashian this year, and a Baltimore team that is going to grind away as always.  3-2, 1 Strike against us.

Weeks 7+8 – Cleveland, @ Minn – 1-1.  We will not show for one of these games.  Adrian Peterson scares me, and as fate will have it, Jennings will snap with that douche Christian Ponder.  4-3, Still 1 Strike

Weeks 9 + 10 – Chicago, Philly. – 2-0.  I pray that we can swep these 2, but back to back decent opponents….im skeptical.  Nevertheless, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.  6-3, One Strike

Interesting perspecitve…just noticed.  We do not have back to back road games all year.  One thing in our favor.

Weeks 11 + 12 – @NY, Minnesota – 1-1.  Yea…winning in NY…haha.  Good luck. 7-4, still 1 strike.

Whoops – strike 2.  Our last 5 games are tough…to say the least.

Weeks 13 + 14 – @ Detroit, Atlanta – 1-1.  One of these teams playing for playoff life will show up and dethrone us.  It is what it is, by this time of the year, I am hoping for a miracle run by GB to make some noise in the playoffs.  We will lose on Thanksgiving.  Eat later, you will want to throw up after Stafford, Johnson, and Bush just torch us.  At least its an 11:30 game.  Then it will ruin an entire day with the family. 8-5 2 strikes.

Weeks 15 + 16 – @ Dallas, Pitt – Again, someone is going to be ready to play and we are going to cough up a late win.  1-1.  9-6 2 strikes.

Week 17 – @ Chicago – We will win this game to somehow clinch a home game in the playoffs.  10-6.

We will win our first playoff game, only to get knocked out by either SF or SEA.  And that folks is strike 3….thanks for playing…see ya next year!


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