West Playoff Preview: Dig in Your Spurs


Lakers season was pretty much the definition of a roller coaster ride. If someone were to ask me what it’s like to ride The Batman at Six Flags Great America I’d say it was like the 2013 Lakers Season, literally. The “dream teams” season started off pretty bad and the coach was fire before his time. Then comes in D’Antoni who isn’t really even the coach of the team until Kobe is knocked out. Howard started the season acting like a bum until Kobe pushed him and at the end of the year they made a great run and made it into the playoffs as the 7th seed. The Spurs also suffered their share of injuries and unlike the Lakers the Spurs seemed to fall as the season came to an end.


D’Antoni finally figured out how to play Gasol and Howard together and the sad part is those are his words not mine. The Lakers have great team work currently but the issue is simple, sure with Kobe out the shots can be spread around but I don’t think this team can without their Super Star and it may be even worse if Nash is out. The Spurs are still weak the Lakers may be able to win this one, but I’m not sure they can win a series but maybe a game or two.


While the Lakers are seeking a new style of play again, this time to compensate for the season-ending injury of Kobe Bryant, the Spurs will continue to run their system. Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili have recovered well from their injuries last year and are back in the rotation. Duncan and Tiago Splitter will be fully occupied by Gasol and Howard, while Parker must deal with Nash. That creates an opportunity for Ginobili to make the big impacts in the series that the Spurs need. If he is able to come off the bench and change the game, then he’ll give the kind of lift that the Lakers cannot expect from their second unit.

Game 1: Sun., April 21, Lakers at Spurs, 3:30 p.m.,   ABC


Game 2: Wed., April 24, Lakers at Spurs, 9:30 p.m.   TNT


Game 3: Fri., April 26, Spurs at Lakers, 10:30   p.m., ESPN


Game 4: Sun., April 28, Spurs at Lakers, 7 p.m.,   TNT


*Game 5: Tues., April 30, Lakers at Spurs, TBD, TBD


*Game 6: Thurs., May 2, Spurs at Lakers, TBD, TBD


*Game 7: Sat., May 4, Lakers at Spurs, TBD, TNT


Spurs in 5


3 thoughts on “West Playoff Preview: Dig in Your Spurs

  1. I’m salivating. 2 LA teams again (yeah… been rootin 4 the Clips for 5 yrs).
    I don’t like D’Antoni, but I’m glad to see him adapt at least a little playin Pau and Dwight together. You’re right… he’s like the last person to figure this sh*t out.
    Lakers players have mad heart. Makes them dangerous, I think.

    I think the Lakers will pull it together… Playoffs round one in 7?

    • Well if they continue to play like they did today, I’m not sure the Lakers will see 5 rounds. I’d like to see the Lakers win but I’ not sure if they’ll be able to handle the trio of the Spurs. Gasol needs to take better shots…period!

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