Minnesota Vikings Mock Draft All 7 rounds


Now, with the NFL draft closing in, with just about a week away. I’ve decided to do a 7 round mock draft for the minnesota Vikings. This is my first one, so lets just see how it goes. Let us dive into what I believe will happen in this years draft. (I decided to not do any trades, since that would take me way too long to do.)


Round 1. 23 Overall Pick.

-with the 23 Overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft. Then Minnesota Vikings select………. Manti Te’o: Middle linebacker out of Noter Dame.

*This pick is a great pick for the Vikings in my opinion, now some of you may want to bring up the pathetic performance that he had against Alabama in the national Championship and that may show he can’t ‘handle’ the big moment, or the drama that he may bring, with the whole Fake dead girl friend situation, or his less then impressive Combine results, (though he did in fact improve greatly at his pro day.) All that nonsense aside, I believe he is going to be able to put that stuff behind him and play the way he showed he can play with his overall career at Noter dame. The tackling machine, that also has decent pass coverage skills. He needs to become more  mature, but this kids has the potential to be a big time talent and he fits a huge need for the Vikings. Now, as much as I like Audi Cole, I think the Middle linebacker position needs more competition and Te’o fits the bill nicely.


Round 1. 25th pick:

-With the 25th pick of the 2013 NFL draft, the Minnesota Vikings select…….. Sylvester Williams: Defensive tackle out of the University of North Carolina.

* This pick addresses another glaring need for the Vikings. Kevin Williams is 32 year old and starting to hit that point, where Defensive tackles start declining in play and just recently renegotiated his contract, to make this his last year as a Viking, before he is allowed to hit the open Market. (really hope Vikings can re-obtain him after this year)   Picking up Sylvester Williams gives the Vikings a huge upgrade across from Kevin Williams, since it’s pretty obvious that Letroy Guion just isn’t a full time starting defensive tackle, but rather a serviceable rotational guy. This pick also gives the Vikings back the Williams wall  which is also a good thing. I would’ve gone Cornerback at this point, but since  Dee Milliner and Xavier Rhodes are probably gone at this point. Grabbing one of the top defensive tackles left on the board, just seems like too good a thing to pass up.


Round 2. 52nd pick

-With the 52nd Pick in the NFL draft. The Minnesota Vikings Select…….. Justin Hunter: Wide Receiver out of the University of Tennessee.

*Now part of me is truly hoping/believing he falls here, since he’s been flying under the radar but he will probably be taken at the earliest in the late part of the first, to the middle of the 2nd round. but Hunter is a guy that for the most part has the talent to be that deep threat, number one wide receiver that all teams want. Justin Hunter measures in at 6′ 4″ and about 200 Lbs, Hunter has the size and the speed (4.44) along with good hands and average route running ability, (still a little raw, but better then people give him credit for). He has drawn comparisons to players, such as Randy Moss and A.J. Green. This guy was looking to be a top 15 pick, before his torn ACL in 2011, that somewhat hindered a 2012 season, that was still quite a successful one either way you slice it. Vikings still are in desperate need of Receiver and if Justin Hunter can meet his potential in a 2-3 years and stay healthy. He could very well end up being the steal out of the Wide receivers.


Round 3. Pick 83rd.

With the 83rd pick in the 2013 NFL draft. The Minnesota Vikings select……… The honey badger Tyrann Mathieu: Corner back out of LSU.

This is the perfect place for the Vikings to grab a Corner. With the release of Antoine Winfield, the Vikings are very short on cornerback depth and since Dee Milliner, Xavier Rhodes, and Johnathan banks will most likely be off the board at this point. The Honeybadger makes perfect since. He’s very physical at the line of scrimmage, very good at tackling and run support and has respectable covering skills, (though better in zone, then man,) and has kick and punt return ability, which will not only help bolster our secondary depth, but also helps fill the void left by Percy Harvin in the return game. Now he does have some baggage with the multiple failed drug tests in collage and he’s been out of football for a year, but I think he’s learned from his mistakes and is ready to move forward. He’s also too talented of a player to not take a chance on.


4th round: (from Detroit Lions) pick 102

-with the 102 overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft. The Minnesota Vikings select….. Alvin Bailey: Offensive Guard/Offensive tackle out of the University of Arkansas. 

*The Vikings offensive line could stand to upgrade their offensive line, since Brandon Fusco and Charlie Johnson haven’t really played all that well. Alvin Bailey would be a great pick to help with that need. He is a guy with very high potential, thanks to a great combination of size, speed, and strength, to go along with quite a successful career at Arkansas, helping the likes of  Knile Davis rush for over 1,000 yards and Ryan Mallet passing for over 3,000 yards, along with keeping Tyler Wilson upright. He will bring great competition to offensive line and I think he could come in and win a starting job day one. Sure, he needs to work on his hand placement and foot work, but these are things that can be easily fixed. This would be a great value pick for the Vikings.


4th round Pick 120th.

-With the 120th Pick of the 2013 NFL daft. The Minnesota Vikings select….. Kenny Stills : Wide receiver out of the University of Oklahoma.

* After grabbing Hunter in the 2nd round, the Vikings could still stand to grab another wide receiver and with this pick I was torn. Either Cobi Hamilton or Kenny Stills. I believe Kenny Stills will fall to the 4th round. The question is however, where in the 4th round? my gut feeling says middle of the 4th, just a few selections before the Vikings, but hey, this is my mock draft and I’ll try and stay hopeful, that he falls to the Vikings here. This pick would do wonders for the receiving core depth. Stills is another one of those receivers that is flying under the radar, due to the depth of this class. He measures in at 6’1, 194 Lbs. He had a very successful combine with a showing of a 4.39 40 yard dash and showcased great hands and decent route running ability. He was arrested for a DUI in 2011 and suspended for 1 game this last season, needs work in run blocking, and could stand to put another 5-10 Lbs on his frame, but he is another high potential guy, who could develop into a very solid number 2 receiver, boarder line number 1 receiver in the next few years.


5th round Pick 155th

With the 155th overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft. The Minnesota Vikings select……… Marcus Lattimore: Running back out of the University of South Carolina. 

Now this pick may have some scratching their heads and saying. “hey matt, eh, not sure if you realized this, but the Vikings have the Human Cyborg, Purple Jesus, man child that goes by the name All day Adrian Peterson…….What the heck are you smoking!?!?!?!” Now before you chew my head off, hear me out first. This would be a great pick of value, but at the same time I will also admit, that this will also be a risky one because Marcus will probably be forced to go on IR and we’d have to hope he’d able to be the same back he was before the injury, if not better.. for some that may not know, Marcus Lattimore is known for that very bad knee injury he suffered this last season, where he tore his ACL, PCL, and MCL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Fdi7KXF8yM (this injury wasn’t as bad as it was being speculated.)  Adding a talented back like this and in the 5th round, will make it easier for the Vikings to either trade or let Toby Gerhart leave at the end of this year, since it’s widely believe he wont be back after this year. With this pick, the Vikings can also create what I think will be a deadly two headed monster  running back rotation, Lattimore will also have the opportunity to be groomed into Peterson eventual successor of the future, as he fully recovers. This is one of those late round picks with high risk, high reward capabilities, that I think would truly be worth taking.


Round 6, pick 189th

With the 189th pick in the 2013 NFL draft. The Minnesota Vikings select…..Brad Wing Punter out of LSU. 

* With Chris Kluwe starting to decline and a cap hit of 1.4 million dollars. The Vikings may want to cut Kluwe and grab a Punter in this years draft, much like they did last year, when they cut Ryan Longwell  and got a kicker in last years draft, where they selected Blair Walsh in the 6th round. Sources have indicated the Vikings have brought in Brad Wing in for a private workout, which was confirmed after a tweet from family member that tweeted to Brad

“Good luck with your workout with the Vikings today . Your family is behind you all the way”

and Brad responded to that tweet with this

“Had a good workout today! #blessed”

This would be another great pick for the Vikings. Now Wing didn’t have the great year he had in 2011, but It was still a respectable one and for whatever reason he seemed to struggle, I’m sure that the Vikings special teams coordinator Mike Priefer can fix it, like he fixed Blair Walsh’s problem.


7th round (from Arizona Cardinals)  Pick 213

-With the 213 pick in the 2013 NFL draft. The Minnesota Vikings select……… Mike Taylor Outside Linebacker out of the University of Wisconsin. 

*This pick I’ll be honest with you. It has somewhat to do with my slight Bias of being a fan of the Badgers, but this would be a good pick at this point in the draft. Now Taylor got into the starting lineup in 2009 as a red shirt freshman. He’s also been a leader for the Badgers since  he’s been a starter for them and has had a very successful career. amounting 123 tackles, 15 tackles for losses, three sacks and broke up four passes in 2012 alone. If not for being such and undersized Linebacker (6’2″, 222 Lbs) and a less then spectacular combine/pro day performance. according to scouting reports, he would probably be  drafted in the 2nd-4th round in terms of his overall talent.  However, he is a sure tackler, very instinctive, intelligent, and good in run defense. He needs to get bigger, and needs to get better in passing defense, but I think he is worthy of a late pick who should be able to contribute early on with special teams.


Round 7 (from BUF via SEA) Pick 214

-With the 214th pick in the 2013 NFL draft. The Minnesota Vikings select………. Michael Williams: Tightend out of the University of Alabama. 

*John Carlson in his first season, was nothing but a disappointment and the Vikings were able to get him to restructure his contract to limit his hit against the cap, so now it wouldn’t hurt the Vikings much, if they were to cut him loose and I think that Michael Williams could be another Jimmy Kleinsasser type or Tightend the Vikings could really use. He’s got a big frame at 6’5″ 270 Lbs. and is quite athletic for a big guy. He’s more of a run blocking type, but is better then given credit for in the receiving game. He also helped lead the way, for Alabama’s amazing running game and when you have a running back like Peterson on your team. You better be able to block.


Round 7 Pick 229th

-With the 229th pick in the 2013 NFL draft. The Minnesota Vikings select……… Steve Williams Corner back out of California.

*with the last pick in this daft, I could see the Vikings drafting at multiple positions, but I think they will use the last pick on the best player available and I think that would be Steve Williams. He had one of the best performances at the Combine and during his time at Cali. he showed he’s a good tackler and has decent coverage ability. Though he’s a shorter corner at 5’9″. He seems like at the very least, he’d make a good contribution on special teams.  good value pick and you can never have too many cornerbacks going into training camp.

This concludes my 7 round Mock draft for the Minnesota Vikings. Tell me what you think of this, do you agree, disagree or feel indifferent? regardless I gave it my best shot, so tell me what you think of this. Hope to those who read this enjoyed it


3 thoughts on “Minnesota Vikings Mock Draft All 7 rounds

  1. I think you got a good idea of how the vikings are going to draft. Manti Te’o though, I understand the pick, but I really don’t think that the vikings need any distractions in their locker room. I’m going to follow this blog and check back in to see how your mock draft pans out. It seems like you got knowledge about sports and I like the eye appeal of your blog

  2. Matt I love you man, I couldn’t write a better mock draft for a team even if I knew how to predict a draft. That’s why I don’t do mock predictions, I’m better at player analysis then I am team analysis. Anyway I have to disagree with Teo, I think it’s more likely the Vikings will trade up for WR Tavon Austin. Then again I’m not a mock draft predictor so we’ll see what happens.

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