2013 NFL Draft: Who Are the 5 Biggest Question Marks?

I’ll be honest I can’t predict drafts so you won’t get any from me but this is a great post from Sideline Mob, please enjoy.

Sideline Mob

2013 NFL Draft: 5 Biggest Question Marks?

There’s a reason you can find 4,250 mock versions of the 2013 NFL Draft online (give or take a few dozen). Besides the NCAA Tournament, no sports-related event is more over-analyzed (and more unpredictable) than the NFL Draft. It’s the place where JaMarcus Russell and Tim Couch go #1 overall while Tom Brady sits at home until the 6th round. It’s where Ki-Jana Carter is a “can’t miss” running back, and Arian Foster doesn’t get selected at all.

Every pick is a gamble. Every selection is a risk. After all the 40-yard dashes, vertical leaps, Pro Days, film study and sit-down interviews, the only true advancement teams can make is from “Guess” to “Educated Guess”. For every Peyton Manning, there’s a Todd Marinovich. For every Bruce Smith, there’s a Steve Emtman.

So how do you pick the good from…

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